Shalom and welcome to Yishuv Evyatar!

The Yishuv Evyatar was established in memorial of tragic terror attacks on two Yishiva Buchurim (Yishiva Students) of which are in memory to their dedication to Torat Eretz Yishrael and Am Yishrael. With the help of Hashem despite our trangic loss, we are now blessed with Hashem's will to build this New Yishuv in the Heart of Eretz Yisrael in the Shomron!

For the past month we have been incredibly busy with setting up base. That includes building and expanding our Beit Mishrash for our future Yishiva, plopping and refurbishing mobile homes of those from the eviction of Yishuv Amona, laying the foundation for new homes, allocating housing for families (we currently have over 50 families), establishing a security checkpoint at the entrance of the Yishuv, housing our soldiers to protect us, and last but not least hosting events and social gathering to spread awareness!

In order to make this dream a reality, we would really value your donation and your support! You can feel free to donate as much as you would like from the following links below. If you have an question kindly send us an email at! Toda Raba and a huge Yishar Koach!

Welcome to the Yishuv of Evyatar

Yishiva students from United States
בוחרי ישיבה מארצות הברית Yishiva Buchurim from the States

Question: "How many roads connect the Jordan Valley (Bikat Ha'Yarden) to the center of the country?" Answer: The first is Route 1, which starts in Tel Aviv, passes through Yerushaylim (Jerusalem) and Ma'ale Adumim. The second is Route 505, which begins on Route 5, and ends at the Tzommet Phasael junction. Guess which Yishuv (City) is near and allows the State of Israel to preserve the important road? That's right - Eviaytar. Don't think it's time for us to go back there?

אביתר שלט

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